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Ardere Features

Level Cap

With our old server providing a Level 39 near vanilla cap experience, we decided to increase the cap to 59 (then 100 in a couple weeks) and add new skills and content for those levels!

200+ New Skills

Each class has been reworked from scratch to give a unique and more exciting gameplay experience. In total, there have been over 200+ new skills created.

No Server Limitations

Next to no server-sided limitations, making it possible for you to experience features and content never experienced before on any fiesta server!

Battlefronts and Duels

Experience queued 5v5 Ranked PvP matches with a party of 5 and battle your friends wherever you are in Ardere!

Shiny Mobs

Each mob in Ardere has a chance of becoming Shiny when they spawn! Shiny mobs have increased drop rate and can drop special items. Killing enough of these will grant you special titles.

Server Buffs

Every so often, a random player on Ardere will receive a special buff! How often this happens scales with how many players are online, giving everyone a fair chance.

New Raids

Battle through challenging encounters with your friends and allies allowing you to obtain rare and unique loot.

New Instances

With everything on Ardere being scripted from scratch, everything will be a new and challenging encounter for you to defeat.

New Items

We've added a lot of items with unique usages to Ardere, such as Key of Potentials that increase the stats of your gear, Party EXP Boosters and even Respawn Time Boosters!